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The barge was designed and built for the installation of 20 each, 1100 ton foundation frames (dog bones) for the seismic retrofit of the San Mateo Bridge. It was designed by Gloston and built by XKT Engineering in 1999. New ABS steel was used. The steel was coated. The barge is made up of two hulls 40'x 126'x 9' joined by an 10'x 18'x 102' box structure across the stern on top of the hulls. The interior of the box structure has been made into an office, warehouse, change, and lunch area. Because of the unique loading, the hulls are built much heavier than normal hulls of the same dimensions. Two very heavy box beams span between the hulls. The beams can be rolled to the sides, for the barge to be moved around a structure having up to a 21.5ft width. All equipment is located on the box structure off the deck. Even the bow anchor wires are run underdeck. With an overall width of 102ft, the barge is very stable.

Dog Bone Barge

Specifications & Features:
  • Overall dimensions: 102' x 126' x 9'
  • Each Hull's dimensions: 40' x 126' x 9'
  • Box Joining Structure's dimensions: 10' x 18' x 102'
  • Winches: (2) – Clyde Frame 8 Three Drum
  • 1.25" wire; 53,500 lbs bare drum line pull, capacity of 2,180ft
  • 6-71 Detroit Diesel Engines with air controls
  • (2) – 60ft, Square, Heavy Duty Spuds at Stern
  • 35 KW Diesel Generator
  • Main tanks extra heavy coated for ballasting.
  • Auxiliary Ballast tanks across stern for fine tuning barge trim.
  • Warehouse, Office, Change Area, Lunch Area located inside Box Joining Structure.
  • 2,000 gallon double-walled fuel tank with pumping system.
  • Central air controls for the 2-spuds and 4-anchors winches.
  • Two large built-up box spanning beams (72" wide x 40" deep) across the hulls. Includes sliding system and rollers. The beams retract leaving the 22ft section between the hulls open.