Woocheen Family

Introducing Woocheen, the business arm of Sealaska

Sealaska is proudly owned by 25,000 Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian shareholders with more than 10,000 years of ancestral ties to the oceans, forests and communities of Southeast Alaska​.

The name Woocheen is derived from the Tlingit word wooch.éen, which can be roughly translated as working together with the resources and environment around us.

Our ocean-health focused businesses work together, with respect for people and planet, to provide sustainably sourced foods from the world’s oceans and a range of water- and soil-based services, including:

  • Marine construction
  • Offshore, nearshore and land-based site characterization
  • Remote seabed & land-based equipment
  • Environmental services for groundwater characterization and remediation
  • Data analytics and custom app design

Employing a global reach and a team of more than 1,200 engineers, scientists and other professionals, we are quickly becoming a leader in our industries.

Thanks to the success of the Woocheen operating platforms – food, land and water – our revenue has grown six-fold to roughly $1B since 2015.

Through Sealaska’s Woocheen group, CS Marine is working together with other partner companies, including Gregg Drilling, Pitcher Services, Sealaska Engineering & Applied Sciences (SEAS), and Causeway Geotech, to address our planet’s climate crisis.

Building the Future of Clean Energy

CS Marine is poised at the forefront of California's net-zero energy initiative, focused on the development of port and harbors for offshore wind energy.

Strengthening California's Water supplu

CS Marine is working with California agencies and local communities to combat water resiliency issues. By combining both construction and demolition capabilities, CS Marine assists with levee and water management through the California Delta.


For people, for planet

Our commitment to responsive, reliable and cost-effective service means solutions, savings and peace of mind to you and your organization.

As part of Woocheen, Sealaska’s Hydro Sciences teams bring together expertise in geosciences, construction, data science and more to keep freshwater clean, heal our oceans and support harnessing offshore wind energy.